It Is Hard

Today I learned that it is hard to ride on frozen roads with snow on top.

I rode about 100 km today. Even main roads were not fully cleared of snow so there was hard packed snow turned into ice, and lots of snow. Smaller streets were fully snow covered.

It was slippery. The small car spikes on the tires did not help all that much. That meant some riding with landing gear down, i.e. with one or two boots on the ground for support.

Temperatures were around -3…-5 C. No problems with the cold, just the bike sliding around on icy roads and streets. Oh, I could not refuel in the evening on the way home as the petrol cap lock had frozen solid. It takes a long time for the engine to warm up, it is probably time to think about covering the radiator with something.

This will be an interesting winter.

Snow, snow

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