Found Interesting Boots

While surfing for Christmas presents I ran into these interesting boots.

John Deere 12″ Miner’s Lace-Up Boots. Steel toe guard, steel sole plate for protection against punctures, 400 gram Thinsulate for warmth, waterproof leather. Should be good for motorcycling, especially in the winter. A pair of these is on the way… John Deere Miner’s Boots

John Deere Miner's Boots
Photo from

EDIT: Ruby Racing from Fazer Owners Club Forum warned that a steel toe cap could bend in a crash and cut off the foot. Ouch! Maybe not such a good idea to wear a steel capped boot on a motorbike after all.

EDIT2: MythBusters have tested steel toes, but not in the way that could happen in a motorcycle accident. MythBusters Steel Toe Cap Amputation Wikipedia I think I will wear the steel toe boots, as it is hard to imagine such twisting forces on the foot that the cap would turn onto the foot – I think the ankle would give in before the boot flexes that much.

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