Yippee! Snow!

Finally some real snow!

The temperatures have been -3…+2 C. It snowed yesterday and snowed some more this afternoon.

This is what it looked like in the morning. The local streets were slippery but the spiked tires did not let the bike slide at all. My boot slid all over the place when I stopped to try out the surface.
Snow in the morning

This is how it was in the evening.
Snowy street

Snowy road

It was a bit unnerving to ride over the snow ridge between the car tire tracks, but with this little snow there was no sliding, the M+S tires worked well. It was a bit slippery starting from standing in the snow, it was as though the clutch was slipping but of course it was just the rear tire not gripping on the snow.

This is how the tracks look on virgin snow.
Snow tracks

The snowmobile goggles are super! When I was standing in traffic and traffic lights, some snow stuck to the goggles but it was easy to wipe it clean with a couple of fingers. On the move the snow had no chance to stick to the lens so visibility was unhindered.
Snowy goggles

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