The Bike

The bike I am riding through winter is a 2000 Yamaha FZS 600 Fazer.

FZS 600

It has a 600 cm3 four cylinder engine, power is 95 bhp at the crank, torque 61 ft-lb.

The empty weight of the bike is 189 kg and wet weight is around 220 kg.

Acceleration 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph) is a bit over three seconds according to magazine reviews. Front brakes are from the R1 so lots of power. Seating position is relaxed, hopefully allowing enough control of the bike in slippery conditions.

Modifications done to the bike:

  • Sava Mc32 spiked M+S tires
  • Heated grips
  • Coolant changed to ensure it will not freeze in subfreezing temperatures

Expected modifications and potential problems:

  • Engine crash bars ordered
  • Radiator shield ordered, to protect radiator from a flying tire spike
  • Front fender needs to be moved away from the tire so that it would not get packed with snow
  • Carburetor might freeze in the cold
  • Battery might not have enough power to start the bike in extreme cold

One thought on “The Bike

  1. Hello mate, I would like to say that i a’m impressed with what you have done and really impressed that the Fazer is great for this type of weather with the right modifications done. I myself have a 1998 red Fazer and absolutely love it. I’m not sure if you have done anymore on it but would like to make a suggestion to your front fender issue. I would make 2 brackets that fasten into your original mounting holes out of aluminium and extend by a few inches, you can add a spacer to take up the step gap so they still hang straight. Good luck with the rest of your modifications and enjoy your riding.

    Regards Simon.


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