Low Temperatures, Small Problems

Have been commuting in -5…-15 C.

A finger or two have frozen a little bit, and the face freezes under the motocross helmet. Otherwise no adverse effects on the rider.

The bike has caused some worries, though. The ignition lock and gas tank lock have frozen several times in spite of judicious oiling and I have had to use a hair dryer to warm them up.

After washing the bike the rear brake froze, I had to warm that up too to make the rear wheel rotate.

The sidestand switch did not want to work so that the engine cut off as I put the bike in gear. I pumped the sidestand with my hand for awhile, that freed the switch and I could ride off.

There is slippery ice in intersections on small streets.

The freezing winter days are as beautiful to ride as I expected. Fresh air, nice views. I like this!

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