No Snow Expected Yet But the Engine Crash Bars Arrived

No snow coming for at least a week so no new winter experiences yet.

The temperatures are 0…+4 C and rain almost every day. The only challenge is poor visibility in the winter darkness with constant rain drops on the visor.

I received the engine crash bars, made by Fehling. I have not installed the bars yet.

Fehling engine crash bars
Photo copyright Fehling

I noticed the bars do not attach directly to the frame tubes but rather with metal bars and a clamp. This is most probably done so the bars and the clamp would bend on impact and save the bike frame from excessive twisting forces.

I keep washing the bike after every ride to keep road salt from eating the finish.

I have changed my commute from motorway to a local road to keep the speed well below 100 km/h, to spare the spikes on the tires. I read that at least some spikes overheat and then wear down quickly – I do not know if these spikes are vulnerable but better safe than sorry. And naturally I keep acceleration down to conserve the spikes.

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