Tires and Heated Grips Installed

The spiked tires and heated grips have been fitted.

This is how the Sava Mc32 tires look on the bike.

Rear tire

Front tire

And the heated grips controller is here.

Grip heater controller

It was around -4 C when I rode the bike home from the shop. The grip heater was fine in positions 1, 2 and 3. Even the lowest position 1 gave enough heat to keep my fingers warm on a 30 minute ride.

The rear tire is a 130 wide whereas the factory tire was 160. Because of the wide rim the rear tire’s profile is flattened. This causes funny handling. When I turn the bike, it starts to tilt over, then hesitates and when I continue counter steering it suddenly drops into the turn again. It must be the front tire turning normally to the side but the flat profiled rear tire resisting until it has been canted enough to get on the round side section. It will take some getting used to this two phased steering effect.

Here the bike is at home, beside the summer ride, 2002 Honda Fireblade.

Fazer and Fireblade

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